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an ethnic nomadic group originally from northern Sudan and southern Egypt where the powerful Nubian women are central. They are the warriors and leaders of the tribe.

NUBIAN introduces its new women’s African and artisan fashion collection. It combines fashion with traditional African prints. The label with its origin in Mozambique wants to inspire women globally with the colours and prints from Africa.

The brand is founded by the designer Amanda Maandag in Vilanculos in Mozambique. Amanda, originally from the Polder in the Netherlands, finished her studies in Media & Marketing and travelled around the world as a model. It brought her to Cape Town in South Africa were she lived for 5 years and now she has found her home in Mozambique where she started the brand NUBIAN.

Mozambique is a beautiful country. She lives in Vilanculos, a small town near the sea. Light blue water, palmtrees and white beaches. Yes, you can call it Paradise, but in Vilanculos is almost nothing and fashion is far to find. Fashion is one of her passions and she was wondering how she was able to survive without it. But something got her interest..

Early in the morning when the sun is rising the local fishermen go out in the sea to catch the fish for the day. In the afternoon the women are waiting for them at the beach to come back. As Amanda lives at the beach she saw a big explosion of colours at the beach.

All these women are wearing the most beautiful: ‘Capulanas’, African print fabrics traditionally around their waists.
It is like a catwalk where I can see the newest and most beautiful fabrics which arrived in town.This inspired me so much that I wanted to design clothes out of these fabrics to inspire other people with these colourful prints.

Amanda loves to dream and uses that creativity to built up a new concept. Especially when it comes to fashion and working together with people where you share the same passion with. Life is an amazing journey and guides you towards certain things in life. So that’s when she worked out her ideas and met up with the local young ‘tailors’ and now is she designing unique items out of African fabrics. She is teaching the guys to get better in sowing, to be more accurate with measurements and together we made this lifestyle brand. Every item is unique and handmade with love. The most beautiful thing is to see someone with a passion and a goal to achieve it.

The collection exists out of dresses, shorts, tops, jackets, feather earrings, wooden bracelets and african print clutches (bags). Every item is available in different prints, each unique and colourful.

NUBIAN combines fashion with traditional African prints. It gives something special to a fashion outfit. Something energetic, something colourful, with a touch of funkiness. That’s where Nubian stands for and what Nubian would like to transmit to its followers.