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This is the first time we are writing on the blog to show you more about the life of Nubian in Mozambique, but ofcourse we will do this every week from now on!

The day starts early here, as soon as the sun comes out, there is life in this little town called Vilanculos in Mozambique. Vilanculos is a coastal fishermen town in the center of Mozambique.

In the morning the fishermen go out in the sea to catch fish and in the afternoon there is a group of ladies who are waiting for them to receive the fresh fish to sell at the local market. Below you see one of the ladies I met the other day. A woman full of energy who really does do everything to sell this lovely fish with all the passion she got. What triggered me was her beautiful and extraordinary appearance.

She is wearing this funky and colorful print around their waist with the biggest smile on her face. And on the background you hear some of the local Mozambican Kizoma music. She is happy. The woman pick there African prints, also know as ‘Capulanas’, very carefully. The print often has a story to tell. A story about the roll of the woman in her tribe. This lady with her big smile inspired me to use the print she is wearing and to make a very energetic dress out of it for the collection. A dress when you walk into a room, you make an appearance that no one forgets. An appearance like the lady, when I walked into the market…

Below you see the Kalisa dress, a dress what tells the story about the lady from the market’

Let me know what you think guys!

With love from Mozambique



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